Mixed Dentition:

Part 2


Mixed Dentition: Part 2


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About the course:


Gain the confidence that comes with experience by comprehensively planning 13 specially curated real life cases with the guidance of Dr. Schalk.


Case Types Covered:
  • Anterior Crossbites
  • Posterior Crossbites
  • Narrow arches
  • Blocked out Teeth
  • Deepbites
  • Significant Overjets
  • Openbites
What is "The Accelerated Experience:"

Clearly Aligned: The Accelerated Experience is designed to give providers exposure to treatment planning that may otherwise take years to achieve. These courses are designed to allow participants to "learn by doing" with the support of Diamond Plus provider, Dr. Stephen Schalk. Accelerate your confidence, knowledge and understanding while learning practical skills to work through cases of all difficulty levels.

In Mixed Dentition: The Accelerated Experience -first in this new series - you will be given access to 12 specially selected cases. Each case will be broken down into the following five parts:

Part One: Records and Diagnosis

A. Participants will be given access to all patient records

B. Dr. Schalk will review the initial records and his approach to diagnosing the case

Part Two: Prescription Form

A. Participants complete the prescription form for the case

B. Dr. Schalk will review the prescription form he submitted for the case and then discuss anything he would now do differently for the same case

Part Three: Reviewing the Initial Clincheck

A. Participants will be given the initial clincheck from Invisalign without any changes

B. Participants can manipulate (mentally or using Clincheck Pro**) the clincheck as they would if the patient was their own

C. Dr. Schalk will review his changes to the initial clincheck

Part Four: Refinements

A. Participants will be shown the progress records of what occurred in real life

B. Participants will be given the refinement clincheck with no changes on it and will make adjustments as they see fit

C. Dr. Schalk will review his refinement

Part B and C of this section will be repeated based on the number of refinements needed

Part Five: Final Records Reviewed

A. The final case records will be reviewed

*Caveat: not all cases will be completely finished. Cases that are still in treatment will be shown at their current stage.

After successfully working through these 13 comprehensive cases, our goal is that course participants will have the confidence to handle treatment planning, case design, and finishing of mixed dentition cases of all types.


Our Recommendations:
  • We strongly recommend taking Mixed Dentition I prior to this course
  • We recommend Clincheck Pro software on a PC for those participants who would like to physically have the ability to change clinchecks. The Mac work arounds include:
    • Web based version of Clincheck Pro: not able to physically manipulate the clinchecks
    • Mac + Windows 10 Software ($189 CAD) + Parallels ($99/year) or Bootcamp (Free) + Clincheck Pro
    • We are unable to provide software support. These are recommendations based on what Dr. Schalk has been successful at using in the past.
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Dr. Schalk graduated from the University of Alberta with his DDS in 2014. Rather than pursue an orthodontics residency, Dr. Schalk travelled across the Americas, Europe, and Asia to learn from orthodontic experts. After limiting his practice to orthodontics, he became the youngest GP Invisalign Diamond provider in the world.

Dr. Schalk is the owner of three dental clinics. He speaks internationally and is an industry key opinion leader. He researches digital monitoring of clear aligners for the SRED Program, and reviously served as a board member of the American Academy of Clear Aligners.

In 2020, Dr. Schalk created Clearly Aligned: an educational platform for general dentists. A natural talker and enthusiastic teacher, his passion is sure to inspire and encourage you on your road to Invisalign success.

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