Diagnosis, Development and Treatment Planning


Diagnosis, Development and Treatment Planning



About the course:


Identify patterns of facial balance. Understand muscle strength, and how if affects development and occlusion. Improve case design through comprehension of anchorage. Analyze facial structures and achieve aesthetic smiles. Attain proficiency with practical fundamental orthodontic principles. See patients differently. 


Lecture Topics:
  • Introduction to Sassouni's Facial Types
  • The Role of Muscles in Development
  • Cephalometrics, CBCT, and the Effects of Dentition on the Face 
  • Patterns of Growth and General Growth Considerations
  • Timing of Treatment
  • Chief Complaint and Smile Esthetics
  • Occlusal Considerations and Muscular Goals
  • Treatment Plan Considerations

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Earn 10 hours of CE Credit after completing the lectures and final assessment. 


Dr. Schalk graduated from the University of Alberta with his DDS in 2014. Rather than pursue an orthodontics residency, Dr. Schalk travelled across the Americas, Europe, and Asia to learn from orthodontic experts. After limiting his practice to orthodontics, he became the youngest GP Invisalign Diamond provider in the world.

Dr. Schalk is the owner of three dental clinics. He speaks internationally and is an industry key opinion leader. He researches digital monitoring of clear aligners for the SRED Program, and reviously served as a board member of the American Academy of Clear Aligners.

In 2020, Dr. Schalk created Clearly Aligned: an educational platform for general dentists. A natural talker and enthusiastic teacher, his passion is sure to inspire and encourage you on your road to Invisalign success.

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