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Members Exclusive Weekly Q&A: Let's Talk With Dr Schalk
How To Treat Double Veneer & Managing Crossbite and Crowding - Let's Talk with Dr Schalk Episode 8 Jun 12, 2024

Dr. Stephen Schalk tackles some of the most common challenges in Invisalign treatment and teach you how to go through. Learn how to expertly manage composite bonding and crossbite issues, along with advanced strategies techniques for managing patient expectations and enhancing aesthetics...

Impacted Canine Treatment and Perfecting Vivera Retainer Fitting - Let's Talk with Dr Schalk Episode 7 May 22, 2024

Join Dr. Schalk as he shares valuable insights on aligner maintenance after placing a lingual wire and discusses how to handle cases where patients cannot come in for a new wire or Vivera retainer. This episode emphasizes the importance of having patients try on all their Vivera retainers and...

Dr. Schalk's Approach to Interference and Refinement May 08, 2024

Join Dr. Schalk as he explores innovative solutions for challenging dental cases involving tooth mobility and alignment discrepancies. Discover his strategic approach to refinement and interference, offering valuable insights for dental professionals.


This episode combines answers below:

Sleep Apnea vs Invisalign - Let's Talk with Dr Schalk Episode 5 Mar 27, 2024

Sleep Apnea vs Invisalign Explained: Understand the Intriguing Intersection between Modern Orthodontic Treatment with Invisalign and Sleep Apnea Management.


03:18 Question 1: How much anterior intrusion is possible, lower anterior teeth and upper anterior teeth? Do you over...

Mixed Dentation Pearls - Let's Talk with Dr Schalk Episode 4 Mar 20, 2024

Dr Stephen Schalk and Dr Hannah Cho discuss in detail questions submitted by the Clearly Aligned community regarding mixed dentition. 

00:00 Introduction

02:37 Question 1: For mixed dentition cases, when teeth start to fall out, when do you scan for new aligners? Do you get a new set of...

Technical Discussion for the BEST Invisalign Cases - Let's Talk with Dr Schalk Episode 3 Mar 13, 2024

Dr Schalk is joined by Dr Hannah Cho to discuss and answer technical questions submitted from our Clearly Next Level Growth Group.

00:00 Introduction

04:07 Question 1: What do you propose to patients with bruxism after Invisalign? They keep breaking their retention. How can we use their...

Common Technical Questions for better Invisalign Cases - Let's Talk with Dr Schalk Episode 2 Mar 05, 2024

This episode is dedicated to questions submitted via our monthly webinars. Dr Schalk answers important questions that occur frequently for practitioners of clear aligner therapy. Invisalign can be challenging at times but the strategy and creative use of what is available can tackle even the...

Goodbye Smile Direct Club - Let's Talk with Dr Schalk Episode 1 Mar 05, 2024

NOTE* Our question Process has changed! We are now only sourcing questions from our webinars and the CNL membership! 

We are bringing our private question and answer video blog series for our Clearly Next Level membership to our entire community! Let's Talk with Dr Schalk is a weekly show...