Dr. Schalk is a general dentist, multi-practice owner, Invisalign Diamond Plus provider, international lecturer, industry key opinion leader, and clinical researcher.


Dr. Schalk graduated from the University of Alberta with his DDS in 2014.  He, and his dental partners, opened their first dental practice in 2015 their second in 2016 and third in 2020. Initially focused on pediatric dentistry, IV sedation, and oral surgery, in 2017 his focus shifted to orthodontics – specifically clear aligner treatment. Rather than pursue a traditional residency, Dr. Schalk travelled across the Americas, Europe, and Asia over the span of three years and learned from some of the top clear aligner orthodontic experts in the world.


Dr. Schalk limited his practice to orthodontics in 2018 and soon gained the distinction of becoming the youngest GP Invisalign Diamond provider in the world. After mastering complex biomechanics, optimizing the efficiency of clinical systems, and beginning his international lecturing career, Dr. Schalk created Clearly Aligned.


Established and managed by Dr. Schalk and his wife Dr. Morrison (a family physician) in 2020, Clearly Aligned offers comprehensive orthodontic education for general dentists. Dr. Schalk shares the knowledge he obtained through his travels to accelerate others towards the clinical and financial success he has achieved.  Participants consistently comment “this is one the best course I have ever taken.” While comprehensive in his teaching, Dr. Schalk has a passion for attachment and biomechanical decisions. His creativity with case design and problem solving is insightful and innovative. Dr. Schalk lectures on a broad range of topics but is unique in his approaches of how he utilizes lingual attachments, Temporary Anchorage Devices and Carriere motion appliances in combination with aligners.


Dr. Schalk is a key opinion leader for Dental Monitoring, a faculty member for the AIR Institute and lectures for Align on Invisalign treatment. He has lectured for student associations from the University of Alberta, McGill University, University of Washington, University of Texas, and New York University. He conducts research on digital monitoring of clear aligner therapy for the Scientific Research and Experimental Design Program. He previously served as a board member on the American Academy of Clear Aligners.


Always exhilarated by a challenge and passionate about growth, Dr. Schalk enjoys exploring ocean depths as a free-diver and new heights on the journey of parenthood. Dr. Schalk wants it to be known that none of his accomplishments compare to the feeling of spending time with his wife, Amy, and daughter Claire. A natural talker and enthusiastic teacher, Dr. Schalk’s passion is sure to inspire and encourage you on your own road to Invisalign success.


Dr. Amy Morrison completed medical school at UBC, and a Family Medicine residency through the University of Alberta.  She co-founded Clearly Aligned with Dr. Schalk in 2020. 

As Dr. Schalk's other half, Amy has given up packing space on vacation to make room for orthodontic textbooks, listened to Stephen talk about Invisalign in his sleep, and at times contemplated if her husband would prefer to go on a date with Kenji Ojima, Regina Blevins, or Terek El-Bialy. As a family physician enthusiastic about continuing education, she aims to help Stephen create courses that are engaging, actionable, and practice changing.



Kelley has been teaching and setting up cases for Orthodontists for 15 years and was a former Align Education Faculty Member.  Kelley is a guest speaker on biomechanics with Ortho students in the graduate programs across Canada. She has completed most Doctor level courses for GP and Orthodontists on aligners and fixed mechanics in addition to Dr. Schalk's curriculum, so you are in good hands. To read her full bio, visit  her linkedin.


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